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Empty Nest Charley's Millions (TV-PG) Charley is the recipient of a massive inheritance, and wants to honor some of his closest friend one of his biggest celebrity influences.
Empty Nest Half That Jazz (TV-PG) Harry convinces one of his favorite jazz artists to come out retirement and play at a benefit concert he's putting together; Sophia puts a hex on Charley.
Empty Nest A Foreign Affair (TV-PG) Maxine's boyfriend asks her to marry him; Sophia and Harry get Carol hooked on gambling on dog races, just as she was discovering the guitar.
Empty Nest Thanksgiving at the Westons (TV-PG) Laverne is hesitant to accept the Westons' invitation to attend their Thanksgiving dinner, after thinking back to the events that took place the year before.
Night Court Passion Plundered (TV-14) Harry and Dan both compete for the attention of a beautiful reporter who has come to do a story on the courtroom, while Roz flirts with Boldavian brothers.
Night Court Amore or Less (TV-14) Christine seeks romantic advice but learns that all of her friends are preoccupied with other things and cannot help, convincing her to turn to two columnists.
Empty Nest Let's Give 'Em Something to Talk About (TV-PG) Laverne and Charley start spending a great deal of time together, but they insist they are only friends; Carol gets a job at the local newspaper.
Empty Nest Just for Laughs (TV-PG) Charley starts a new career pursuit as a stand-up comic, and bases his act's material on making fun of Harry; Laverne becomes chummy with a fragile woman.
Empty Nest Mrs. Clinton Comes to Town (TV-PG) Carol's overzealous pursuit of getting an interview with Hillary Clinton results in her getting thrown in jail, alongside Laverne and Charley.
Empty Nest A Chip Off the Old Charley (TV-PG) Charley discovers that he has a 17-year-old son who is now a flutist; Carol fills in for Laverne at the clinic, and admonishes Maxine about her smoking.
Night Court Future Man (TV-14) Dan is rescued from the two men holding him hostage inside of the courtroom by an unlikely hero when a man who claims to be from the future visits.
Night Court Wedding Bell Blues, Part 1 (TV-14) Christine gets caught up in the moment when she suddenly blurts out an important statement during her last dinner with Tony before he leaves.
Jack (TV-PG, PG-13, **+) A young boy with a rare genetic illness that causes him to look like a man in his forties goes to public school for the first time and deals with his peers.
Grosse Pointe Blank (TV-14, R, ***) When a hit man decides to go to his high school reunion while in town on a job, he reunites with an old flame who wants to know what he's been doing.
« Mixed Nuts (TV-PG, PG-13, **) Bumbling misfits staffing a suicide prevention hotline in California attempt to counsel distraught callers on the night of Christmas.
Dave (PG-13, ***) The manager of a staffing agency looks so much like the President of the United States that he is asked to take over when the President has a stroke.
Empty Nest Would You Believe... (TV-PG) Charley begins a relationship with an attractive minister who also happens to catch the eye of Harry; Maxine buys Laverne's truck.
Empty Nest Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Pain (TV-PG) Maxine dislikes the attention that is garnered from her relationship with a television weatherman; Carol and Charley make a behavioral wager.
Empty Nest Single White Male (TV-PG) Harry and Charley examine their stereotypical attitudes and try to change their ways.
Empty Nest Dear Aunt Martha (TV-PG) Carol believes in romance again after taking her own advice and meeting Mr. Right.
Night Court Melvin and Harold (TV-14) A surprise for Harry's 40th birthday party goes awry when an expected guest is jailed as Harry puts his idol in prison due to unpaid parking tickets.
Night Court The Glasnost Menagerie (TV-14) Mac is in the market for a new washing machine and his new purchase causes him problems; Yakov's father is in need of a visa extension.
Empty Nest And Kevin Makes Three (TV-PG) When Kevin and Spotty form an instance connection, Carol becomes jealous; Harry and Maxine teach Laverne to speak Spanish.
Empty Nest Harry Weston: Man's Best Friend (TV-PG) Charley is jealous when Harry becomes Carol's boss' best friend; Laverne gets the chance to audition for the voice of a cartoon owl in a commercial.
Empty Nest The Ex-Files (TV-PG) Carol fears that she'll lose Kevin after she meets his beautiful ex-wife; Charley sues Harry when he gets sick from old chinese food from their refrigerator.
Empty Nest Stand by Your Man (TV-PG) Laverne and Matt's relationship is threatened when constant interruptions force her to go out without him; Harry finds a woman with a dog like Dreyfuss.
Night Court Still Another Day in the Life (TV-14) Harry feels called to help a man in the courtroom who is desperate to stop the impending marriage of his girlfriend to a despicable yuppie.
Night Court A Closer Look (TV-14) Harry and the rest of the court try to watch their step when they're the focus of a television news reporter planning to do a story on the night court.
Empty Nest Pilot (TV-PG) Dr. Harry Weston shares in newly-found single life with his daughters; a female friend presents a startling ultimatum to Harry about his dating future.
Empty Nest The Check Isn't in the Mail (TV-PG) Harry gets concerned that Carol is getting her hopes too high about the possibility of a reconciliation with her husband and tries to give her some advice.
Empty Nest Barbara Gets Shot (TV-PG) Barbara is shot in the line of duty while investigating a police call and Harry grows concerned that her chosen profession is too dangerous.
Empty Nest Fatal Attraction (TV-PG) The death of one of Harry's old friends sparks fears in Carol that the same fate soon awaits her father; Blanche goes to extensive lengths to try to win Harry.
Night Court A Family Affair, Part 1 (TV-14) Christine deals with the remnants of the man who replaced her while she was out on maternity leave; Bull becomes infatuated with Dan's visiting sister.
Night Court A Family Affair, Part 2 (TV-14) Harry has a crucial high school test that is coming up soon, but for some reason he keeps trying to avoid the tutor who's been helping get through the course.
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Empty Nest Harry's Friend (TV-PG) Harry's enjoying his old friend living in Miami, but quickly sours on the idea when he finds out that the friend is dating his daughter Carol.
Empty Nest Libby's Gift (TV-PG) Harry receives an organ in the mail that had previously been ordered by his late and he vows to learn how to play it in her honor.
Empty Nest The First Time... Again (TV-PG) Harry is invited by a woman to a romantic weekend together, but has many reservations about the prospect of having sex for the first time since his wife died.
Empty Nest Full Nest (TV-PG) Harry promises his daughter Barbara not to interfere or meddle in her personal life, but that promise is not fulfilled when she moves back in with him.
Night Court Crossroads, Part 1 (TV-14) The entire court ends up forced to spend the whole night in the courtroom after a medical scares leaves the building quarantined.
Night Court Crossroads, Part 2 (TV-14) The staff's under quarantine for the night, and once the initial shock has passed, they settle in and reflect on life's milestones and roadblocks.
Empty Nest Dumped (TV-PG) Harry and Dorothy's friendship starts to show signs of dissolving; Barbara is dumped by Dorothy's nephew and Carol tries to give her some coping tips.
Empty Nest The More Things Change (TV-PG) Dr. Harry Weston gets an unwelcome request from his building's new management to change offices; Carol tries to fix some of her past transgressions.
Empty Nest Man of the Year (TV-PG) A banquet is thrown in Harry's honor and attracts his father to attend; Harry is hopeful the celebrative mood of the evening can help their relationship.
Empty Nest Cyrano de Weston (TV-PG) Charley asks Harry's help in the pursuit of a woman he likes, but Harry discovers he's helping Charley steal his current girlfriend.
Night Court Nobody Says Rat Fink Anymore (TV-14) Harry realizes the man standing before him in court is none other than his childhood bully; Christine goes on a hunt for a good nanny.
Night Court Jail Bait (TV-14) When Christine is feeling especially low, a local street artist makes her feel better; Mac and Dan decide to take up photography.
Ernest Saves Christmas (TV-PG, PG, **) A worn-out Santa Claus heads to Florida in search of a successor and meets up with well-intentioned, bungling cab driver who helps him on his hunt.
A New Life (TV-14, PG-13, **+) After 26 years of marriage, a couple decides to divorce and they find themselves re-entering the world of being single, dating and forming new relationships.
« Honey, I Blew Up the Kid (TV-PG, PG, **) An absent-minded scientist accidentally enlarges his 2-year-old son with his newest invention, and the child grows to huge proportions, stalking Las Vegas.
Dick (TV-14, PG-13, **+) Two teenage girls witness the 1972 burglary of the Watergate building, and President Nixon hires them as his official dog-walkers to keep them quiet.
Empty Nest On the Interpretation of Dreams (TV-PG) Harry asks for his daughters' assistance in helping him find the origins for a recurring dream he keeps having; the girls observe their father.
Empty Nest Between a Cop and a Hard Place (TV-PG) Barbara gets paired with a new partner that enchants her sister Carol, but Barbara finds out some discouraging news; Harry fails with a baseball team.
Empty Nest Just You and My Kid (TV-PG) Harry feels that one of the first patients he ever treated has tracked him to Miami because she has feelings for him, but her intentions are much different.
Empty Nest Rambo of Neiman Marcus (TV-PG) Carol takes immense pride in her triumph taking down an armed robber; Barbara starts to over-extend herself on the job; Rose holds Harry's car hostage.
Night Court Presumed Insolvent (TV-14) Dan is forced to change his mind about Phil the Wino after he does something unexpected and helps a defendant in need at the courthouse.
Night Court Mama was a Rollin' Stone (TV-14) Phil the Wino dies, and Dan expects a large some of money to come from his will; Bull prepares for a visit from his soon-retiring mother.
Empty Nest Change of Heart (TV-PG) Harry refuses to heed the warnings of his doctor to limit his stress, and in turn puts angst on his daughters worried about their father's health.
Empty Nest Harry's Choice (TV-PG) The man responsible for shooting Barbara's partner is exonerated based on a technicality, and she begins to lose faith in the worthiness of pursuing criminals.
Empty Nest Complainin' in the Rain (TV-PG) Carol's plans for the day are hamstrung by inclement weather, but her sister offers to spend the day with her; Harry and Laverne tell how they met.
Empty Nest M.D., P.O.V. (TV-PG) Harry is featured in a profile for a local show, but his main focus remains on a patient whose life hangs in the balance unless he can come up with a treatment.
Night Court Hey Harry, For Cryin' Out Loud, It's a Wonderful Life... Sorta (TV-14) During a moment of questioning his lot in life, Harry is visited by a strange angel who shows Harry what the court would be like with Dan in charge.
Night Court To Sleep, No More (TV-14) Dan ends up using some of the funds from the Phil Foundation for his own devices, but finds himself feeling guilty; Bull wants to try out new hair.
Empty Nest Goodbye, Mr. Dietz (TV-PG) Charley's incessant mooching leads him to commit a mortal error, and leads Harry to finally get fed up with him; Charley loses his friends.
Empty Nest Lessons (TV-PG) Barbara goes undercover to work a case at an area high school, and winds up having to deal with a lovelorn student that falls for her.
Empty Nest Take My Mom, Please (TV-PG) Harry's patient is adamantly certain that he would be a great match for their mother; the girls hire a housekeeper they fear is stealing.
Empty Nest Did You Ever See a Dream Dying? (TV-PG) Harry lends his time and money to help Nick open a bar and achieve his dream, but the bar's lack of success is difficult for Nick to accept.
Night Court Harry's Fifteen Minutes (TV-14) A New York newspaper recognizes Harry as one of the city's interesting males; Christine is disappointed at his lack of humility.
Night Court Fools Rush In, Part 1 (TV-14) Harry seems to have let his chance with Christine slip by the wayside as Tony reenters the picture; Phil's twin brother, Will, helps Dan run the foundation.
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