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Little House on the Prairie Winoka Warriors (TV-PG) When Charles talks Albert into attending Alice's school, he challenges the snooty Winoka School's football team to a game after being taunted by Jeb Standish.
Little House on the Prairie Man Inside (TV-PG) Laura makes fun of an obese man without knowing he is her new friend's father, and the man is hurt when he learns his daughter is ashamed of him.
The Munsters John Doe Munster (TV-G) When a large safe falls on his head, Herman loses his memory is taken into police custody and the only way Lily can claim is to adopt him.
The Munsters A Man for Marilyn (TV-G) Grandpa decides to help Marilyn out in finding a boyfriend by turning a frog into her own personal prince; Marilyn accidentally locks herself in her room.
Little House on the Prairie Fagin (TV-PG) Charles buys a calf for Albert as Laura worries that her father is spending more time with him, and when Nellie Oleson teases her she hits her in the face.
Little House on the Prairie There's No Place Like Home, Part 1 (TV-PG) The Ingalls, Olesons and Garveys move back to Walnut Grove after a series of events culminating in a fireworks accident convince them to leave Winoka.
The Munsters Herman's Driving Test (TV-G) Herman tries to get a promotion at work and he tries to get a commercial drivers license so he can drive the hearse at the parlor.
The Munsters Will Success Spoil Herman Munster? (TV-G) Herman records his own version of "Dry Bones" on a tape recorder that belongs to one of Eddies friends, and the song becomes popular.
Little House on the Prairie There's No Place Like Home, Part 2 (TV-PG) The Ingalls, Olesons and Garveys set about rebuilding Walnut Grove after they find the town's church and school have closed down and its leader has given up.
Lassie Inferno (TV-PG) After an oil well explodes, an injured pet terrier is rescued by Lassie who follows her to the hospital, so she can donate the blood needed to save its life.
The Munsters Underground Munster (TV-G) Spot, the family pet, runs away from home after Herman scolds him for leaving mud prints all over the kitchen, and is later spotted in the sewer system.
The Munsters The Treasure of Mockingbird Heights (TV-G) Herman and Grandpa find a secret compartment through the dungeon and believe they have found a clue that will lead them to a real lost treasure.
Little House on the Prairie Harriet's Happenings (TV-PG) Harriet Oleson's cousin starts a newspaper and makes her his gossip columnist, and her sloppy and unfair reporting soon has the entire town mad at her.
Little House on the Prairie The Wedding (TV-PG) Charles and Caroline's talk of her behavior as a toddler causes Mary to question the ability of a blind couple to raise children, so she calls off her wedding.
The Munsters Herman's Peace Offensive (TV-G) When both Eddie and Herman are being constantly harassed and pranked by local bullies, Herman advises his son to turn the other cheek.
The Munsters Herman Picks a Winner Herman tries to teach about how gambling is wrong and he goes about it by betting all of Eddies money, but his plan backfires when in a bet Herman wins.
The Bionic Woman Rodeo (TV-PG) Oscar is growing concerned about one of the OSI scientists as he is risking his safety to compete in rodeos; Jaime is assigned to protect the scientist.
The Six Million Dollar Man Population: Zero (TV-PG) Steve Austin wants to investigate an incident in which an entire towns population was killed by a unknown sonic device; he does so against Goldman's orders.
Columbo The Most Crucial Game (TV-PG) When the owner of a football team is found dead in his swimming pool, Columbo is called upon to investigate; it is believed that his death was an accident.
Murder, She Wrote Another Killing in Cork (TV-PG) Jessica visits a fishing lodge in Ireland when she finds out the owner's being bought out by a consortium trying to make a strip mine.
Murder, She Wrote Game, Set, Murder (TV-PG) An overbearing father pushes his teenage daughter in sport, beyond her desires, giving her emotional problems.
Columbo Any Old Port in a Storm (TV-PG) A wine experts brother plans to sell the winery that he owns and the expert operates, so the expert kills his greedy brother to protect property.
Little House on the Prairie Dance with Me (TV-PG) Gambler Toby Noe comes to visit and falls for a strait-laced, church-going matron who rejects all his overtures; Laura and Jason can't get a romance started.
Lassie The Homeless (TV-PG) During the construction of a motel, two rare wild cats are exposed, and Lassie must save them from a marauding bobcat by finding a new home for them.
The Munsters Just Another Pretty Face (TV-G) Grandpa believes his latest invention will bring about world peace but when playing with it, Herman is struck by lightning and looks like a regular human.
The Munsters Heap Big Herman (TV-G) The Munsters go on a family vacation but Herman gets lost in the desert and wanders into a Native American village; he is mistaken for an ancient spirit.
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Little House on the Prairie The Sound of Children (TV-PG) Mary writes to tell Adam's estranged father they're having a baby and he comes to town with a plan to move them to New York and place Adam in law school.
Little House on the Prairie The Lake Kezia Monster (TV-PG) When Kezia fails to pay her property taxes, Harriet Oleson buys her house at auction, but Laura, Albert and Andy come up with a plan to set things right.
The Munsters The Most Beautiful Ghoul in the World (TV-G) The Munsters find out they have inherited ten thousand dollars, so Herman and Grandpa decide to spend half of their inheritance on an invention.
The Munsters Grandpa's Lost Wife (TV-G) The Munsters learn of a woman from Sioux City, Iowa, has placed an advertising in which she is asking to be reunited with her long-lost husband.
Little House on the Prairie Barn Burner (TV-PG) When the farmers gather to set a price for wheat, Judd Larabee refuses to join in because they insist that the black farmer he's been cheating must be included.
Little House on the Prairie Enchanted Cottage (TV-PG) Charles travels with Mary to the specialist in the next town when it appears that her eyesight may be coming back while Adam struggles to accept the change.
The Munsters The Fregosi Emerald (TV-G) Grandpa discovers that Marilyns emerald ring is actually made from a cursed emerald and learns that the curse can only be removed by a Fregosi descendant.
The Munsters Zombo (TV-G) Eddie has a new hero in Zombo, the host of a horror show on television, and wins a contest on his show; Herman is jealous of the television personality.
Little House on the Prairie Someone Please Love Me (TV-PG) Charles stays at the home of a horse breeder and serves as a family counselor when he sees the father's alcoholism is taking a toll on his wife and children.
Little House on the Prairie Mortal Mission (TV-PG) Nearly everyone in town falls ill after eating anthrax-tainted mutton and as Charles and Jonathan race to get medicine to the town, a farmer takes them hostage.
The Munsters Cyrano de Munster (TV-G) Herman starts writing poems as a favor to a colleague so that his friend could impress a girl he met on a bus after Hermans poems get published in a magazine.
The Munsters The Musician (TV-G) Eddie takes up playing the trumpet and Grandpa creates a potion for Eddie so that he would become a talented musician, but it changes his behavior.
Little House on the Prairie The Odyssey (TV-PG) A 12-year-old with leukemia runs away from home to see the ocean before he dies, and Laura and Albert sneak away with him, leaving Charles to track them down.
Little House on the Prairie The Family Tree (TV-PG) Albert asks Charles and Caroline to adopt him, but just as the legalities are nearly done Albert's biological father shows up and demands custody.
The Munsters Prehistoric Munster (TV-G) Herman is summoned by the anthropologists of Marilyns university after they see a photograph of Marilyns clay bust sculpture of Herman.
The Munsters A Visit from Johann (TV-G) The Munsters welcome Doctor Victor Frankenstein IV into their home as he visits the United States, and he invites one of his great-grandfathers creations along.
The Munsters (TV-G) A delightfully motley family of misfits goes about life in a spider-web covered mansion on Mockingbird Lane.
The Munsters The Midnight Ride of Herman Munster (TV-G) Herman falls asleep in the back of his car, and accidentally leaves his keys in the ignition, which gives a couple of bank robbers the idea to steal their car.
The Munsters Sleeping Cutie (TV-G) Marilyn finds herself unable to fall asleep, so Grandpa makes a Sleeping Beauty potion to help her out, but the potion backfires when she cannot wake up.
The Munsters Family Portrait (TV-G) The Munsters been chosen by a magazine to present themselves as the average American family, but Grandpa doesn't take the label very well.
The Munsters Grandpa Leaves Home (TV-G) Grandpa feels underappreciated by the family and decides to leave the household but Lily believes that he is just looking for attention.
The Munsters Herman's Rival (TV-G) Lily is not happy with Herman when he loses his savings, thinking it was because of a bad investment but in reality, Herman gave a loan to Lilys brother.
Murder, She Wrote Something Foul in Floppieville (TV-PG) A television puppet show has been threatened cancellation until a character is created, based on one of Jessica Fletcher's characters.
Murder, She Wrote Track of a Soldier (TV-PG) Jessica Fletcher lives in fear of a blackmailer during her vacation to the mountains, with an Army vet as her host; a blackmailer turns up dead.
Columbo Candidate for Crime (TV-PG) A man running for senate is tough on crime but disloyal to his own wife, and his manager is urging him to leave his mistress to save his career.
Little House on the Prairie The Halloween Dream (TV-PG) Laura and Albert take naps in preparation for Nellie Oleson's Halloween party, and Albert has a dream in which he and Laura are captured by attacking Indians.
Little House on the Prairie The Return of Mr. Edwards (TV-PG) After both of his legs are crushed Isaiah Edwards loses his will to live, and by the time Charles and Laura arrive for a visit he is almost suicidal.
The Munsters Eddie's Brother (TV-G) Eddie asks his mother and father for a baby brother, so in Grandpas basement, he decides to build a robot brother for him instead; Eddie starts to get jealous.
The Munsters Herman the Tire Kicker (TV-G) Herman insists on picking a used car for Marilyn to drive but along the way a smooth-talking used car salesman takes advantage of him.
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