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Programs for KNVA-DT3 on Tuesday, February 20, 2018
12:00 AM
Roseanne Here's to Good Friends (TV-PG) Crystal passes the time by thinking of herself negatively, leaving Roseanne and Jackie to show her that she should stop letting people walk over her.
12:30 AM
Roseanne Dan's Birthday Bash (TV-PG) Though Roseanne had planned the perfect birthday party for Dan at the bar, a bully ruins it by picking a fight, forcing Dan to walk away and keep a promise.
1:00 AM
The Drew Carey Show Kate and Her New Boyfriend (TV-14) Drew grows jealous when Kate begins dating a conceited paramedic she met at work; Kate and Drew admit that they still harbor feelings for each other.
1:30 AM
The Drew Carey Show What's Wrong with This Episode? IV (TV-14) Drew worries about Lewis after learning from his coma that Lewis will go to hell, but after Lewis changes his ways, he tries to change everyone else.
2:00 AM
Grace Under Fire Splitsville (TV-14) Nadine and Wade's life together is tumultuous and confrontational; reconciliation's a remote possibility; her solution is to ask Grace to let her room with her.
2:30 AM
Grace Under Fire The Road to Paris, Texas (TV-14) Grace and Nadine need a change; they go on a rambunctious road trip; during the journey, Grace confides in Nadine and shares with her an astonishing secret.
3:00 AM
Cool Runnings (TV-PG, PG, ***) A disillusioned former bobsledder is recruited to coach four Jamaican athletes intent on forming a bobsled team and competing in the 1988 Olympics.
5:00 AM
Ellen The Shower Scene (TV-PG) Ellen tries to compensate for taping over a birth video belonging to Paige's sister by throwing a lavish baby shower at the reopened bookstore.
5:30 AM
Ellen The Bridges of L.A. County (TV-PG) Ellen is shocked to learn that Spence has had a one-night stand with a new member of her reading group; Ellen tries to rewrite the rules of dating.
6:00 AM
Ellen Hello, I Must Be Going (TV-PG) Adam makes a heart-felt confession to Ellen before leaving the country for a prestigious photography position overseas in London, England.
6:30 AM
Ellen Trick or Treat - Who Cares? (TV-PG) Ellen's spirited views on Halloween seem to have no effect on a troubled Spence; Paige is in need of help with her first big assignment.
7:00 AM
Ellen She Ain't Friendly, She's My Mother (TV-PG) Ellen is pleased to learn that her mother is undergoing therapy, but she quickly develops anxiety at the thought of being friends with her mother.
7:30 AM
Ellen Salad Days (TV-PG) Ellen becomes inspired to throw an extravagant dinner party after meeting Martha Stewart, and her guest list leads to the event being a truly unique one.
8:00 AM
Grace Under Fire Dear Grace (TV-14) Grace senses that perhaps Quentin's bid for independence may prove to be premature one; all indications are that he really is not ready to go it alone.
8:30 AM
Grace Under Fire Cold Turkey (TV-14) Jimmy takes the kids for Thanksgiving dinner with their grandparents, but Libby returns home and the Kelly clan descends on Grace to continue their celebration.
9:00 AM
Grace Under Fire Ka-boom (TV-14) An explosion kills one employee, damages the plant and puts grace in the secretarial pool until the accident can be investigated further.
9:30 AM
Grace Under Fire Grace vs. Wade (TV-14) After slipping on the icy sidewalk at Wade and Nadine's house, Grace visits a therapist who helps with her thoughts about her marital dispute.
10:00 AM
Empty Nest Hog Heaven (TV-PG) Laverne's reconciliation with a former biker beau draws the ire of Harry, who feels that she is much more deserving of a batter mate.
10:30 AM
Empty Nest Charley's Millions (TV-PG) Charley is the recipient of a massive inheritance, and wants to honor some of his closest friend one of his biggest celebrity influences.
11:00 AM
Empty Nest Half That Jazz (TV-PG) Harry convinces one of his favorite jazz artists to come out retirement and play at a benefit concert he's putting together; Sophia puts a hex on Charley.
11:30 AM
Empty Nest A Foreign Affair (TV-PG) Maxine's boyfriend asks her to marry him; Sophia and Harry get Carol hooked on gambling on dog races, just as she was discovering the guitar.
12:00 PM
Empty Nest Lordy, Lordy, Landlordy (TV-PG) The clinic's landlord refuses to repair the building's many problems, and Laverne stages a protest that results in them all getting evicted.
12:30 PM
Empty Nest The Devil and Dr. Weston (TV-PG) A wealthy philanthropist exhibits a great deal of interest in Harry; Carol helps a shy former volunteer at the clinic come out of her reserved shell.
1:00 PM
Empty Nest Absence Makes the Nurse Grow Weirder (TV-PG) Harry fills in at his old hospital and becomes enamored with the nurse that works there; Laverne is disappointed Harry forgot their anniversary.
1:30 PM
Empty Nest Best Friends (TV-PG) Carol is upset that her childhood friend has started dating her father; an old feud for Laverne is rekindled by a patient at the clinic.
2:00 PM
Night Court The 1992 Boat Show (TV-14) Lisette wonders what her erotic dreams of Harry mean, while Roz becomes the interest of a gossip columnist, much to Dan's chagrin.
2:30 PM
Night Court All You Need Is Love (TV-14) An eccentric man begins his first night as a night court judge, and when a woman is brought in accused of trying to shoot her husband, he uses a coin to judge.
3:00 PM
Night Court Santa Goes Downtown (TV-14) A man, who believes he is Santa Claus, is in night court on charges of trespassing, but he may actually have the chance to change the life of a troubled teen.
3:30 PM
Night Court The Former Harry Stone (TV-14) Some of the staff have a bet going about Harry's age, and when Lana searches employee records to find the answer, she learns he has a criminal record.
4:00 PM
The Drew Carey Show The Easter Show (TV-14) Oswald is charged with delivering chocolate bunnies for Winfred-Louder but resorts to shipping "chocolate gravy" when the candies are left in the heat.
4:30 PM
The Drew Carey Show Christening (TV-14) Steve attempts to persuade Mimi that Drew would make a better godparent for Gus than Mimi's cousin, Vanessa; Oswald and Lewis borrow Gus for a photo discount.
5:00 PM
The Drew Carey Show Drew and the Activist, Part 1 (TV-14) Lewis worries that Drew's new date may be an activist seeking inside information about DrugCo's latest project; Oswald's secret beer ingredient causes glowing.
5:30 PM
The Drew Carey Show Drew and the Activist, Part 2 (TV-14) Drew and Rachel reach the realization that their lifestyles are too different to work through; Mr. Wick is attacked by a fox on a fox hunt.
6:00 PM
That '70s Show That Wrestling Show (TV-14) Kitty sends Eric and Red off with the gang so they can have a chance to become friends; Midge goes to a shrink that is obsessed with sex.
6:30 PM
That '70s Show The First Date (TV-14) Hyde shows up on Eric and Donna's date to tell her about his feelings and finds that a waiter's mistake has led to her becoming intoxicated.
7:00 PM
That '70s Show The Pill (TV-14) Kelso passes out when Jackie tells him she might have gotten pregnant; Midge learns about Jackie and decides to put Donna on the pill.
7:30 PM
That '70s Show Career Day (TV-14) On Career Day, Eric follows his mother at the hospital, Kelso tries to figure out his father's job, and Hyde and Fez stay with the cafeteria lady, Hyde's mom.
8:00 PM
Roseanne Saturday (TV-G) Sick and tired of seeing Dan work on his truck every Saturday, Roseanne decides to make a bet with him to see if he'll get the truck running again.
8:30 PM
Roseanne Canoga Time (TV-G) A garage sale is coming up and Dan becomes upset when he is told by Roseanne that he has to put up some of the junk that has meaning to him.
9:00 PM
Roseanne The Monday Thru Friday Show (TV-PG) Dan and Roseanne get in a heated argument on where to go for their upcoming 15th anniversary, while Darlene finds her new job to be tougher than she thought.
9:30 PM
Roseanne Bridge Over Troubled Sonny (TV-PG) Crystal becomes distraught after thinking about her husband's death; Darlene dabbles with smoking; Roseanne has a secret about Sonny and wants to tell Crystal.
10:00 PM
That '70s Show Prom Night (TV-14) Eric rents a hotel room for prom night, but the mood is ruined by howling children; Hyde takes Jackie to the prom out of pity because Kelso went with Pam Macy.
10:30 PM
That '70s Show A New Hope (TV-14) Kelso turns down sex with Jackie in order to see Star Wars a second time; an old rival of Eric's shows up and hits on Donna so Eric gives him a sound beating.
11:00 PM
That '70s Show Water Tower (TV-14) The gang paints a pot leaf on the water tower and Kelso falls off while trying to make it look less like the finger; Eric walks in on his parents having sex.
11:30 PM
That '70s Show Punk Chick (TV-14) Hyde meets the female version of himself but turns down her offer to travel together to New York; Red and Kelso make smaller paddles for pong.
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