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Programs for KNVA-DT3 on Monday, December 11, 2017
12:00 AM
Roseanne Inherit the Wind (TV-G) Roseanne decides to try out telephone solicitation to work next to Becky and try to console her after an embarrassing accident at a school meeting.
12:30 AM
Roseanne The Little Sister (TV-PG) Jackie takes pride in her career choice, so when Roseanne begins making fun of the police force, Jackie becomes enraged at her and storms out.
1:00 AM
The Drew Carey Show Never Been to Spain (TV-14) Drew gets apprehended by airport security when he blows through a metal detector in a rush to catch his flight to Spain; Drew's flight lands him in Greenland.
1:30 AM
The Drew Carey Show O Brother, Who Art Thou? (TV-14) Steve quells his recent anger management issues by taking a job as a prison security guard; Lewis tests an experimental drug that causes empathy in inmates.
2:00 AM
Grace Under Fire Things Left Undone (TV-14) Grace's mother comes for a visit on Mother's Day, and Faith provides everyone with a shocking earful.
2:30 AM
Grace Under Fire See Quentin Run (TV-14) Grace gets a promotion at the refinery; Quentin runs away from home when he learns that he can't spend the summer with his dad.
3:00 AM
Spin City The Last Temptation of Mike (TV-14) Paul and Claudia manage to convince Mike to donate sperm for their baby, but Paul neglected to mention an important fact about their request.
3:30 AM
Spin City Carter & Stuart & Bennett & Deirdre (TV-14) Nikki continues to pressure Mike about revealing their relationship to their coworkers; Carter and Stuart try to get revenge on each other after an argument.
4:00 AM
Spin City The Mayor with Two Brains (TV-14) James uncovers the relationship that Nikki and Mike have been trying to keep hidden from everyone, but he struggles so much to keep the secret.
4:30 AM
Spin City Wall Street (TV-14) Now that Mike and Nikki's secret is out, the staff wants to learn more about the couple's relationship; Mike decides to ignore James' investment tip.
5:00 AM
Ellen Ballet Class (TV-PG) Ellen decides to take ballet lessons in order to revive a childhood dream that her parents refused to support; Ellen turns to Adam for some help.
5:30 AM
Ellen Guns 'N Ellen (TV-PG) Ellen becomes obsessed with home security after her apartment is robbed, and she decides to take self-defense classes from a police detective.
6:00 AM
Ellen The Sleep Clinic (TV-PG) Ellen has an erotic dream about Adam and attempts to find out the meaning behind it; Audrey becomes convinced that she must sleep with Adam.
6:30 AM
Ellen Gladiators (TV-PG) Ellen is talked into becoming a contestant on a television show; Joe gets a note; Audrey and Paige enter into a legal battle after a car accident.
7:00 AM
Ellen $5,000 (TV-PG) Ellen tries to find a way to get a donation back from a charity; Joe becomes worried that he may be deported and tries to prove his patriotism.
7:30 AM
Ellen Three Strikes (TV-PG) Ellen is arrested for participating in an illegal protest and is forced to stay in the custody of her parents; Ellen runs off with her parents' car.
8:00 AM
Grace Under Fire A Car and a Kiss (TV-14) Grace goes shopping for a more dependable car; and an irate mother catches Libby kissing her son.
8:30 AM
Grace Under Fire Grace Under Water (TV-14) Grace has mixed emotions when her ex-husband shows up during a storm that threatens to flood the town; Russell braves the storm to get Faith's insulin.
9:00 AM
Grace Under Fire Good Ol' Grace (TV-14) A new woman on the refinery crew charges Bill with sexual harassment; Grace goes to a fertility clinic with Nadine and Wade.
9:30 AM
Grace Under Fire June 15, 1997 (TV-14) Grace is forced to ask Jimmy for help when her rent suddenly goes up; changes at the refinery by the new boss upset everyone working there.
10:00 AM
Empty Nest The Mentor (TV-PG) Harry starts to worry about his career prospects, as his aging mentor continues to staunchly refuse to retire; the girls arrange a piano recital.
10:30 AM
Empty Nest The Dog Who Knew Too Much (TV-PG) Carol and Barbara decide they're both going to move out of the house, and use Dreyfuss as their talking post to practice how they'll tell their father.
11:00 AM
Empty Nest Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? (TV-PG) Harry begins a relationship with a much younger woman, and both families are unhappy about it; Laverne puts a new employee through a harsh training session.
11:30 AM
Empty Nest All About Harry (TV-PG) Harry starts dating a journalist who is writing a romance column, but he takes offense when she wants to include details about their relationship.
12:00 PM
Empty Nest Drive, He Said (TV-PG) Harry allows Charley to get them off their course to a surprise and instead go looking for one of Charley's lost loves; surprise party is left waiting.
12:30 PM
Empty Nest The Last Temptation of Laverne (TV-PG) Laverne's aunt agrees to lend her money for a down payment on a new house, but only if Laverne takes responsibility for a crime she didn't commit.
1:00 PM
Empty Nest What's Eating You? (TV-PG) Barbara's physical exam shows a developing condition that Harry feels is caused by the stress of police work; Laverne looks for Harry's bandages.
1:30 PM
Empty Nest The Cruise (TV-PG) Laverne is left at home redecorating Harry's refrigerator while everyone is on a cruise; Harry tries to shake loose of two ladies who won't leave him alone.
2:00 PM
Night Court Get Me to the Roof on Time (TV-14) Wanda refuses to wear the family wedding dress which leaves the entire wedding in question; Harry and Art both think they should be the best man.
2:30 PM
Night Court Shave and a Haircut (TV-14) Dan and Will decide to try their hands at finding convicts on the run; Harry ends up the butt of the joke when he tries to convince Mel Torme to accept award.
3:00 PM
Night Court A New York Story (TV-14) Harry is incredulous when a defendant comes into the court claiming he owns several important city landmarks; Dan judges a beauty pageant.
3:30 PM
Night Court Undressed for Success (TV-14) Mac is offered the job as an underwear model and he ponders doing it for the money; Dan becomes the protector for some of Roz's belongings.
4:00 PM
The Drew Carey Show Rich Woman, Poor Man (TV-14) Milan fixes Drew up with her mother who encounters issues adjusting to Drew's less-than-lavish lifestyle; Mimi inspires Milan's butler to speak his mind.
4:30 PM
The Drew Carey Show What Women Don't Want (TV-14) Lewis is ecstatic to learn that his troubles with women could be a direct result of his Mensa-calibre I.Q.; Lewis meets a girl who shares his love for the odd.
5:00 PM
The Drew Carey Show Look Mom, One Hand! (TV-14) While in town for Mother's Day, the gang's moms are appalled to learn that their kids' debauchery has become public on a published list of porn-junkies.
5:30 PM
The Drew Carey Show The Eagle Has Landed (TV-14) Drew's hands are tied when a federally protected bald eagle makes his nest on Drew's roof; Lewis and Oswald's cookie business leads to blackmail.
6:00 PM
That '70s Show A New Hope (TV-14) Kelso turns down sex with Jackie in order to see Star Wars a second time; an old rival of Eric's shows up and hits on Donna so Eric gives him a sound beating.
6:30 PM
That '70s Show Short & Curlies (TV-14) Eric's final celebration in the basement with the guys is cut short when Red finally discovers what they really do when they're down there.
7:00 PM
That '70s Show Jackie Moves On (TV-14) The sibling rivalry between Eric and Laurie reaches new heights as they both begin telling the gang embarrassing secrets about each other.
7:30 PM
That '70s Show Holy Crap (TV-PG) Eric and Laurie decide not to go to church anymore so Kitty invites Pastor Dave over for family game night; Fez and Kelso attempt to grow beards.
8:00 PM
Roseanne Guilt by Disassociation (TV-PG) Roseanne gets hopeful about a job interview due to her hatred for her current telemarketing job, and after a quick interview she is offered the position.
8:30 PM
Roseanne Somebody Stole My Gal (TV-PG) Roseanne begins noticing that the women in her life are leaving when Jackie heads off to the police academy for six weeks and Becky begins dating a 17-year-old.
9:00 PM
Roseanne House of Grown-Ups (TV-PG) An architect tries gaining the friendship of the Conners by buying them gifts until Dan has to step in and discuss with him the true meaning of friendship.
9:30 PM
Roseanne Five of a Kind (TV-PG) Dan is hosting his usual poker game when Roseanne bumps into Arnie, who confides to her and gives her a kiss after a talk, leaving her to question his motives.
10:00 PM
That '70s Show Red Fired Up (TV-14) Red must fire an employee at Price Mart that both he and Eric enjoy making fun of; Kelso decides to go public about his relationship with Laurie.
10:30 PM
That '70s Show Cat Fight Club (TV-14) Red decides to have a talk with Kelso after finding out that he has been dating Laurie; Hyde tries to teach Jackie how to be cool after Laurie insults her.
11:00 PM
That '70s Show Moon Over Point Place (TV-14) Eric gets annoyed when he finds a picture of Donna in the yearbook mooning a camera; Fez thinks the white man is trying to keep him down.
11:30 PM
That '70s Show Reefer Madness (TV-14) When Hyde is busted and takes all the blame for the group, Eric admits to Red that he does drugs, which causes Red to put a smoke detector in the basement.
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