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Programs for KXAN-DT2 on Wednesday, September 20, 2017
12:00 AM
Quantum Leap A Little Miracle - December 24, 1962 (TV-PG) Sam leaps into a greedy contractor's valet on Christmas Eve in 1962, and he and Al use some holographic tricks to "Scrooge" his boss into having a heart.
1:00 AM
Simon & Simon The Dead Letter File (TV-PG) When Rick and A.J. receive a 20-year-old letter, they discover that it contains clues about the murder of the author who died the day after he wrote it.
2:00 AM
Make Room for Daddy Danny Meets His Father-in-Law (TV-G) Danny has a chance to meet up with his new father-in-law who enjoys fishing, so he attempts to learn all he can about the sport in order to impress him.
2:30 AM
Make Room for Daddy Honesty is the Best Policy (TV-G) Danny's son Rusty finds a wallet and gets a reward that he was not expecting and Danny convinces his son that honesty is a reward on its own.
3:00 AM
The Dick Van Dyke Show A Show of Hands (TV-G) Rob and Laura get ready to attend an important community banquet but they encountered an unusual dye accident when helping Ritchie make a costume for a play.
3:30 AM
The Dick Van Dyke Show Baby Fat (TV-G) Alan asks Rob to help him out with the script for his first Broadway production, making it better, but he does so without consulting anyone else involved.
4:00 AM
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4:30 AM
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
5:00 AM
Bronco School for Cowards (TV-G) Bronco takes on a position as a teacher to a military academy, but along the way he embarks on a search for a would-be killer on the campus.
6:00 AM
The Lone Ranger Outlaw's Revenge (TV-PG) When an outlaw is captured by the Lone Ranger, he is sentenced to a hanging, causing the rest of his gang to try and end the Lone Ranger's life.
6:30 AM
The Lone Ranger Danger Ahead (TV-PG) After a ventriloquist witnesses a man commit a violent murder, he turns to the Lone Ranger and Tonto for protection from the killer's schemes against him.
7:00 AM
The Lone Ranger Crime in Time (TV-PG) While the Lone Ranger and Tonto are in pursuit of dangerous outlaws, they discover the criminals have developed a clever and intricate plot to rob a bank.
7:30 AM
The Lone Ranger Drink of Water (TV-PG) While pretending to have the ability to make it rain, a group of thieves plan to take advantage of an unsuspecting town suffering from a relentless drought.
8:00 AM
Lassie Dad's Watch (TV-PG) A daring, resourceful and remarkably intelligent collie and her human friends triumph over adversity and form an ever-increasing bond of love and trust.
8:30 AM
Lassie Hoax (TV-PG) After Jeff and Porky send Lassie on a fake call for help, people are doubtful when Jeff really does get injured and is need of help.
9:00 AM
Little House on the Prairie Ebenezer Sprague (TV-PG) A heartless banker who is new in town turns Charles down for an important loan as he becomes a girl's fishing buddy without knowing she is Charles' daughter.
10:00 AM
Murder, She Wrote Murder in F Sharp (TV-PG) Jessica listens to a tape Dennis sent her; a fameous concert pianist has a series of bad luck, from burnt fingers, to losing his wife.
11:00 AM
Adam-12 Easy Rap (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed grow frustrated with the justice system when they run into problems trying to prosecute a drug dealer and teenage automobile thief.
11:30 AM
Adam-12 Harbor Division (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed are assigned to patrol the harbor area of Los Angeles; the police officers meet a boring man who lectures them about astrology.
12:00 PM
Emergency! Limelight (TV-G) John is jealous when the unlikable Brice gets TV and newspaper coverage; a man whose daughter is trapped under a backhoe is revisited by heart trouble.
1:00 PM
Quincy, M.E. The Last of Leadbottom (TV-PG) Quincy uncovers a mysterious clues and covert activities while investigating the death of friend and former colleague, who was a distinguished Navy captain.
2:00 PM
Murder, She Wrote The Prodigal Father (TV-PG) A 20-year-old bank robbery case leads to murder when the main suspect returns from the dead.
3:00 PM
Murder, She Wrote Where Have You Gone, Billy Boy? (TV-PG) A ventriloquist loses his dummy, and when it is finally found next to the dead body of a club owner, Jessica and Dennis investigate.
4:00 PM
Little House on the Prairie At the End of the Rainbow (TV-PG) On a fishing trip Laura and a friend find yellow metal in the stream and gather as much of it as they can, but they get a lesson when they try to spend it.
5:00 PM
Little House on the Prairie The Gift (TV-PG) Laura and Mary take a risk with the Sunday School's money to get a Bible for the Reverend for his birthday, but their plan fails and they lose it all.
6:00 PM
The Munsters Knock Wood, Here Comes Charley (TV-G) Hermans con artist twin brother comes to town and stays with the Munsters for a while, against Hermans wishes; he tries to pull a con on Lily.
6:30 PM
The Munsters Autumn Croakus (TV-G) Grandpa feels lonely and announces he intends to get married again, and goes on a search for the girl of his dreams to ask her to marry him.
7:00 PM
Frasier The Botched Language of Cranes (TV-PG) Frasier manages to offend all of Seattle and to pay penance, he must emcee a charity event, which inevitably leads to further offense.
7:30 PM
Frasier The Candidate (TV-PG) Frasier decides to do an endorsement for a candidate after he was mocked by his opponent, only to find out some weird information about the candidate.
8:00 PM
Frasier Adventures in Paradise, Part 1 (TV-PG) Frasier asks a girl out that he read about in a magazine, and when the date goes better than he expected, they decide to head to Bora Bora for a vacation.
8:30 PM
Frasier Adventures in Paradise, Part 2 (TV-PG) Frasier begins getting jealous of seeing his ex-girlfriend Lilith in the bungalow next to his and becomes determined to one-up her with anything that she does
9:00 PM
Cozi TV's Ten Secret Stories Murder, She Wrote Behind the Camera (New)
9:30 PM
Cozi TV's Ten Secret Stories What you don't know about Columbo (New)
10:00 PM
Miami Vice Vote of Confidence (TV-PG) The vice squad's raid on a train that is basically a brothel on wheels snares a prominent gubernatorial candidate, and his spin doctors go to work immediately.
11:00 PM
Baywatch Summer of '85 (TV-PG) Eddie and Shauni see a fortune teller; Eddie leaves and receives a painting from a boy; Rosalind sees death in Eddie┬┤s future.
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