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Programs for KXAN-DT3 on Thursday, November 23, 2017
12:00 AM
Law & Order: Criminal Intent Malignant (HD, TV-14) Two murders lead Goren and Eames to investigate a pharmaceutical supplier, whom the detectives begin to suspect has been tampering with a cancer-fighting drug.
1:00 AM
Law & Order: Criminal Intent Tomorrow (HD, TV-14) When the son and daughter of a wealthy businessman are murdered, Detectives Goren and Eames investigate the childhoods of a pair of nannies.
2:00 AM
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
2:30 AM
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
3:00 AM
Inspiration Today Camp Meeting (TV-PG) Impassioned teachers and lively musical guests aid David and Barbara Cerullo as they worship and preach about God.
5:00 AM
International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (TV-G) Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein serves as the leader of a non-profit organization dedicated to building bridges between the Jewish and Christian populations.
5:30 AM
Love Your Hair! Viviscal - European hair secret now available in the US.
6:00 AM
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
6:30 AM
Through the Bible with Les Feldick (New, TV-G) Bible teacher Les Feldick, an Oklahoma rancher who teaches by the Holy Spirit's guidance, presents lessons that are free of denominational bias.
7:00 AM
Secret Millionaires Club Get a Clue, Dude (HD, TV-Y7) The Secret Millionaires Club is enjoying a visit to a robotics museum when they begin to realize that some of the displayed items have mysteriously vanished.
7:30 AM
Secret Millionaires Club To Herring is Human... (HD, TV-Y7) Struggling to compete against a nearby fast food eatery, a small herring restaurant in Sweden reaches out to the Secret Millionaires Club for help.
8:00 AM
psych True Grits (TV-PG) After being exonerated and released from prison, a man hires Shawn and Gus to reveal the real culprit responsible for the robbery for which he was incarcerated.
9:00 AM
psych Santabarbaratown (TV-PG) Shawn, Gus and Henry find themselves launching an investigation into a cold murder case once the victim's body is found after 20 years.
10:00 AM
Blue Bloods Men in Black (HD, TV-14) Danny investigates the case of a newly appointed Hasidic Grand Rebbe who died just shortly after being chosen by his father; Henry reveals a family secret.
11:00 AM
Blue Bloods Warriors (HD, TV-14) Danny finds himself in anger management class when he takes a hot-headed approach to a case; Frank tries to help out a young Turkish woman.
12:00 PM
Blue Bloods Quid Pro Quo (HD, TV-14) Erin and Danny investigate the cold case of a girl who was attacked by her powerful, rich boyfriend who was never convicted; Jamie's friend files a lawsuit.
1:00 PM
Blue Bloods Protest Too Much (HD, TV-14) Danny gets involved when an off-duty cop tries to stop a bank robbery, but is disarmed by "Bonnie and Clyde" thieves who take his gun and wound a bystander.
2:00 PM
Blue Bloods No Regrets (HD, TV-14) Danny tries to investigate a case where the same tragedy occurs to people who don't seem to be linked at all, hoping to find out what connects them all.
3:00 PM
Blue Bloods Loss of Faith (HD, TV-14) Danny investigates the murder of a young woman who was found dead in a cemetery, and who kept a secret about an interfaith relationship from her family.
4:00 PM
Blue Bloods Ends & Means (HD, TV-14) When two Wall Street brokers are murdered during drug deals, Danny looks to question a wounded accomplice at the hospital and is stopped by Linda.
5:00 PM
Blue Bloods Devil's Breath (HD, TV-14) Danny finds a disoriented man in a park covered in the blood of his girlfriend; Jamie gets reprimanded after helping an officer cover up his intoxicatication.
6:00 PM
Blue Bloods The Bitter End (HD, TV-14) Danny gets emotional after failing to protect a young woman he made a promise to; the Reagans suffer a loss due to a housing project gang.
7:00 PM
Blue Bloods The One That Got Away (HD, TV-14) Danny and Baez have difficulty moving forward with their child abuse case; Eddie and Jamie's double date takes a turn when a robbery occurs.
8:00 PM
Blue Bloods In and Out (HD, TV-14) Danny and Baez investigate a gang leader's murder and uncover a romantic entanglement between the accused shooter and his parole officer and a possible cover-up
9:00 PM
Blue Bloods Lost Souls (HD, TV-14) Danny and Baez are torn over whether or not to do their jobs when they discover a tragic connection between a murder victim and a suspect.
10:00 PM
Blue Bloods Shadow of a Doubt (HD, TV-14) Jamie and Eddie peg a husband for having an ulterior motive when he, an EMT, does not respond to his wife's distress call to having an allergic reaction.
11:00 PM
Blue Bloods No Retreat No Surrender (HD, TV-PG) A witness from one of Erin's old cases asks for her help to stop the drug operation based in his apartment building; Frank investigates the Mayor's office.
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