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Hot in Cleveland Lost Loves (HD, TV-PG) The ladies are all inspired by Valentine's Day and decide to track down their lost loves; Joy has an encounter with the man who left her standing at the altar.
Hot in Cleveland Tangled Web (HD, TV-PG) The ladies escape to a lake house after Victoria frees a poisonous spider in the house; Melanie learns that her new love interest was once engaged to Joy.
Mike & Molly Surprise (HD, TV-14) When Molly discovers that Mike hasn't had a proper birthday party since he was 9 years old, she decides to take it upon herself to throw him a surprise party.
The Closer Maternal Instincts (HD, TV-14) The squad members deal with the aftermath of a deadly shooting spree; Brenda and Fritz disagree about the tactics they should use to help Charlie.
The Closer Waivers of Extradition (HD, TV-14) A detective from Texas arrives to help the team hunt for a killer who disguised himself as a ninja; Brenda is forced to make decision about Charlie's future.

NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt (HD, New) Crucial events and developments from the United States and around the world are covered by the anchors and correspondents of the NBC News team.
KXAN News @ 6 (New) The events and stories that have shaped the day's news, business matters, sports scores, weather and traffic are reported by the KXAN Austin Evening News Team.
Wheel of Fortune Wheel Around the World (HD, New, TV-G) Contestants contend with a fickle wheel as they earn cash and prizes, including cars and trips, for solving word puzzles by filling in missing letters.
Heartbeat What Happens in Vegas... Happens (HD, New, TV-14) Alex is determined to rescue Jesse, Pierce and Ji-Sung when a deadly disease strikes the hospital; an elderly man tries to find his missing wife.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Heartfelt Passages (HD, New, TV-14) The SVU squad are put at risk when Corrections Officer Gary Munson and his union take extreme measures to fight the investigation.

« The A-Team When You Comin' Back, Range Rider?, Part 2 (TV-PG) Hannibal and Face sneak into Carters estate to find clues to prove he has been illegally rustling mustangs and try to free a load of horses.
Baywatch Wet 'N' Wild (TV-PG) A stunt show comes to town and its motorcycle stunts catch the attention of Hobie as well as his friends; a new lifeguard is reported for drinking.
The Bionic Woman Angel of Mercy (TV-PG) Jaime is tasked with rescuing an American ambassador and his wife who are lost in Costa Brava; while undercover as an army nurse, she teams up with a pilot.
The Six Million Dollar Man The Pioneers (TV-PG) Two scientists are sent into space in order to test a new cell regeneration serum, but the space capsule veers off-course and crashes in Minnesota.

« Law & Order Political Animal (HD, TV-14) Three roommates are thought to be victims of suicide, but information involving the victims and their discreet relationship with a politician changes opinions.
Law & Order Quit Claim (HD, TV-14) Lupo goes undercover to crack a real estate scam after a murdered woman and her daughter are found in a vehicle with a stack of $100 bills.
Law & Order Illegal (HD, TV-14) Cyrus Lupo and Ed Green investigate a cop's use of excessive force after a woman is murdered during a riot at an immigration rally.
Law & Order Executioner (HD, TV-14) Having ruled out potential suspects, surveillance tapes reveal that a doctor murdered in his hotel room may have been the victim of a wrongful attack.

Mike & Molly What Molly Hath Wrought (HD, TV-14) Molly decides to take a break from her novel after finding that she hates the first draft, and accepts a job as a forklift driver for Vince's warehouse.
Family Feud (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Two families of five members each compete against each other by answering popular survey questions to determine who can reach accord with most answers.
Family Feud (New, TV-PG) Two families of five members each compete against each other by answering popular survey questions to determine who can reach accord with most answers.
Arrow Schism (HD, New, TV-14) In an effort to defeat Damien Dahrk's magic once and for all, Oliver partners with an unlikely source.
Supernatural Alpha and Omega (HD, New, TV-14) God reaches a decision about what to do with Amara, which has significant consequences for Sam and Dean.

« Laramie Broken Honor (TV-PG) The stage gets robbed, prompting Jess to pursue the thieves, who have hidden the strong box on the Hallorans property; a decision to keep the money.
Laramie The Last Battleground (TV-PG) Jess uncovers the remains of a U.S. Army wagon that had disappeared during the war, carrying a large supply of gold; the confederates are said to have taken it.
Walker, Texas Ranger Paradise Trail (TV-PG) Hayes Cooper is once again featured in a narrative, which sees the famed bounty hunter providing protection for a wagon train of devout Mormons.
Walker, Texas Ranger Survival (TV-PG) Alex is kidnapped by a family of extreme survivalists and taken back to their trap-laden hideaway, where the Rangers must venture to rescue her.

The Bernie Mac Show Stop Having Sex (TV-PG) Bernie's obsession with protecting the kids from a plethora of mature and sexual situations disrupts Vanessa's pool party; Jordan's new friend has two dads.
Grace Under Fire Rob vs. Jimmy (TV-14) Rob tells Grace that he wants to start a committed relationship with her; Jimmy feels Rob is taking his place as a father figure, so he expresses his thoughts.
Grace Under Fire Grace's New Job (TV-14) After landing a new job at a large advertising company, Grace is miserable about her situation, but her depression brings about something new and improved.
Night Court Halloween, Too (TV-14) Harry finds himself infatuated with a beautiful woman that he meets one day, and seems to not be able to think of anything other than her.
Night Court Best of Friends (TV-14) When his good friend from high school comes to town for a visit, Dan is shocked after discovering that he is a changed man.
The Drew Carey Show What's Wrong with This Episode? IV (TV-14) Drew worries about Lewis after learning from his coma that Lewis will go to hell, but after Lewis changes his ways, he tries to change everyone else.
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